Knowing us


                                      Past, Present and Future Projects..

Our Story

In 1987 we started as a computer hardware service company specializing in building custom computer systems and the service and rebuilding of computer drives at the time when the personal computer industry was in its infant beginnings.  The services we offered often required the creation of special application software to either diagnose service issues or to create special menu driven business applications. It also gave us experience in the configuration of numerous types of computer operating systems.

In 1990 we included medical/legal transcription as part of our business services.  Since then we have become experienced in transcription of medial-legal and acute care specialties, including emergency medicine, multispecialty clinic and hospital transcription, including oncology, interventional radiology and other aspects of nuclear medicine transcription.  Currently we employ the use of Webchart MD, an internet based platform for transcription, delivery and archival storage.  Webchart MD serves numerous clinics who require a versatile transcription portal that will interface with various electronic medical record systems.  It allows smaller facilities to have a cost effective solution where the overhead of a transcription department and purchasing and maintaining a similar system of their own is not practical.

As changes have progressed in the industry so became the necessity to streamline transcription and make it more efficient.  It became necessary to write various forms of software, everything from menu driven transcription templates, electronic medical record utilities and electronic signature utilities.  In order to keep the transcription industry profitable we determined that redundancy and repetitious tasks needed to be eliminated so we developed may utilities over the years in both the Microsoft Office and Corel WordPerfect transcription platforms that we have internally tested. 

Some of our more recent projects have included:
Programming:  Internet presence (including website creation) along with photography and graphics.
Transcription:  Sound manipulation utilities to eliminate pauses in dictation so time is not wasted listening to dead recording time which works against the Transcription Department's efficiency. 

Our Advantages

Our involvement in computer hardware, software and transcription services for over 25 years have equipped us with a very unique set of skills: 

  • Fact: Programmers that also work as or with transcriptionists write more efficient utilities.  They realize that program latency (lag time) costs the transcription department and unnecessarily delays the timely delivery of reports.
  • At the present time with the different electronic record systems it is necessary for a transcription department to be technically up to date so as to be able troubleshoot problems as they arise. 
  • Utilities created by our software department are tested in a real-time work environment, avoiding unnecessary beta testing by the customer.
  • Longtime experience in the medical transcription field allows us to be versatile and flexible.