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Transcription, Programming and Imaging Services

For the Digital Millenium

Solutions for:

Streamlining Document Processing

Medical & legal transcription automated templates using Microsoft and Corel office products.  We can help streamline your transcription department and make it more productive, eliminating time wasted in repetitive documentation preparing activities.  We have solutions for your paper and electronic documentation needs including electronic signature utilities.  Offering medical transcription services using Webchart MD, an internet based platform integratable into any EHR system.

 Programming and Imaging Services

Custom programming services including web presence creation, digital photography services, sound manipulation utilities and graphics design.



Photographic Imaging

Current Site Projects

Secure fileserver server for imaging and medical-legal data storage and access.

Irrigation contractor site for sale and maintainance of commercial and residential irrigation systems.

Server hosting maintainance for private golf course in Northern Wisconsin